OMS Assessment : “No Data Found” Or Server Not Showing

Problem Description and Symptoms:

How many of us activated an OMS solution and is getting “No Data Found” as an assessment result. How many added a server to an already assessed solution ( e.g. Active directory Assessment , Active Directory Replication or SQL Assessment) without being able to to see the newly added server in the assessed solution. This blog will help us to identify and solve these problems in a handy and easy way.

image          image


Prerequisites that needs to be checked:

  • Verify that the MMA agent is installed and connected properly to the workspace where the assessment is activated.


  • Ensure that .Net Framework 4 or above is installed on the machine having the issue.


If these prerequisites are met then you should proceed with the below.

Forcing the assessment workflows to be re-executed:

  • Login to the machine having the problem , and open the Registry Editor.
  • Locate the following registry key  :

                    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\<Your MG Name >\Solutions\


  • Choose the solution having issue with .


  • Delete and confirm the deletion of the “LastExecuted” Key .



  • Now recycle Microsoft Monitoring Agent service  (HealthService) either from services.msc or open CMD as Administrator .



  • You can see that the Key that we deleted previously is recreated . Wait for few minutes (around 5 to 10 minutes) and then open the assessment again.


Voila here is the result , data is collected and the machine is assessed by the solution.

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