MEA Apps of the Month–Nov 2013

In this blog post series I will share MEA Applications of the month for Microsoft Windows 8 (W8) Devices, Windows Phone 8 (WP8) Devices and Xbox, these applications were selected by real application users, you will find a short description about each application as a why question this application was selected, then from where you can download it,

Applications selected as MEA Apps of Nov 2013 month are as follows:

My Conference Call:



Connect to your conferences with a single tap, you don’t need to dial conference phone number or enter long meeting IDs, this makes conference calls really easy and is a live saver if you need to dial-in from your car.

Basically what the app does is to show all your conference calls for the day, with one tap, you will be connected to the call, you don’t need to worry about dial-in numbers, conference IDs, or leader PIN, this App retrieves all the information needed to dial-in directly from your calendar, fully automated Smile, you only have to tap the meeting in order to kick-off your call.


From Where to download?

My Conference Calls App is live and available in the Windows Phone Store.

Check it out and download it. It is a really useful App to have.


Ramadan Kareem Application:

WP8, W8


Ramadan Kareem app provides all the tools and the information you need in Ramadan holy month.

From Where to download?

W8 –

WP8 –


Lighting Dial:



Lighting Dial is a free shortcut organizer and speed dial app, with Lighting Dial you can create shortcuts to those things you do frequently on your phone.

clip_image002[3]clip_image004 clip_image006

For example, you can create a shortcut for:

· call to any address book member (you can have it just a shortcut to open the contact)

· “30 minutes late” SMS or email

· Quick tweet with predefined hashtag

· WiFi settings page

· favorite web page

· flashlight

And many more

From Where to download?




Today’s digital lifestyle on the web demands that you keep track of user ID’s and passwords for each and every secure site you log in to. In addition, you also probably have other personal information you often need to access whilst out and about.

With LastPass for Windows Phone and Windows 8 makes keeping and accessing your IDs, passwords and other private information on the go. The combination of the app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 makes it easy to capture and synchronize your personal information across all of your devices: your PC, your tablet and now your phone!


From Where to download?

Enjoy these great application and keep tuned for next month applications.

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