Error Object Reference when viewing timer job definitions in SharePoint 2013

During configuring one of SharePoint 2013 farms we faced an issue when trying to list the timer job definitions using central administration, this is caused after a power failure in data center which may interrupted some provisioning activities , anyways when we try to navigate to job definitions page we received the error object reference is not set to an instance of an object




Now first area to think of is to check the log file , it indicate that one of the job properties is null , to fix this issue we need to know which job definition is exactly causing the issue ! by opening SharePoint PowerShell then typing the following command which lists all job definitions in farm

Get-SPTimerJob >allJobs.txt | Format-Wide

The parameter AllJobs.txt is the name of the text file that you need to export the list to , it will be generated in the same folder which you executed the command at

after examining the file and checking the job definitions I’ve noticed that there is one job definition with no name and no description, only the GUID for that definition is showing!



Getting the GUID for that job definition eb0d56e8-713f-4f08-9f80-167bb4ea59e6

Then using SharePoint power shell to get that job definition object to delete it as follows 

$job = Get-SPTimerJob eb0d56e8-713f-4f08-9f80-167bb4ea59e6


Now Issue is fixed and timer job definitions page is getting displayed in central administration



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